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One of the products we have recently added to our range is SPS structured pipes with the inter-wall spaced filled. This increases the thermal insulation and soundproofing of the pipes. As a result, the pipes can be used for more applications, particularly in the installation of external systems exposed to temperature fluctuations. The thermal insulation...
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We have recently added reinforced fittings to our product range. The technology we use allows us to produce connectors and fittings for which no pressure reduction factors have to be considered. Also, this technology allows us to reinforce and guarantee the resistance to pressure of welded parts as well as other standard solutions in gravity...
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Współpracujemy ze Śląskim Centrum Naukowo – Technologicznym Przemysłu Lotniczego Sp. z o.o. w zakresie prowadzenia badań naszych wyrobów.
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