S plastic

S plastic has many years of experience of delivering solutions made of plastics (including polyethylene, polypropylene and vinyl polychloride (PVC and PVDF). Areas of application include water supply, sewerage, ventilation and process systems.

We offer:
– SPS structured pipes
– underground tanks
– oil/water separators
– pumping stations
– flap valves
– grease separators
– ventilation ducts
– wells, chambers and manholes
– free-standing tanks
– fittings
– couplings with seals


For 20 years, we have been operating a Vocational Training Centre.

Supported by lectures from the Silesian University of Technology, we offer courses:
– in welding plastic pipelines using the butt welding, polyfusion welding and electrofusion welding methods;
– in plastic welding (extrusion and hot air welding)


Feel free to explore the range of our services.
S plastic offers installation services for water supply, sewerage, ventilation, fire protection and process systems.
In addition to installation work, we offer:
– internal plastic lining of tanks,
– tank renovation,
– replacement of steel systems with plastic ones.

S plastic

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