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Motor boats SRB

S plastic Motor Boats RBB - Type SRB

we are taking the plunge…

Applications of motor boats made of HDPE

– water rescue operations,
– uniformed services: firefighters, border protection guards, the police
– military operations,
– water patrol,
– offshore fish farms, offshore wind farms or offshore oil platforms,
– crew transportation,
– technical maintenance of offshore structures,
– harbor service, pilot boats,
– fishing,
– diving,
– tourism and recreation (water wakeboard, speedboat cruising).

What are the advantages of polyethylene (HDPE) boats?

– sturdy structure,
– unsinkable: the tubes are separated into the watertight compartments,
– safe to use: many anti-slip surfaces made of high quality material, plus handgrips,
– designed in compliance with Directive 2013/53/UE
– high mechanical resistance: the boat can moor on a rocky shore, operate in shallow waters or in flooded areas,
– durable,
– ready to be used in rough conditions,
– almost maintenance-free: no painting or hull cleaning required,
– flexible design: easily customisable to specific requirements by adding a hard-top, a wheelhouse, a cabin, extra benches or seats, lockers or other elements,
– the bow designed to make it easier to get on and off the boat while facing the quay,
– high stiffness of the tubes ensure the stability of the boat in water,
– seaworthy fast planing hull,
– shallow draught and high directional stability,
– easy and quick repairs (e.g. no drying time)
– environmentally-friendly (nearly all parts of the boat are recyclable, very low carbon footprint).

Additional benefits of HDPE when used in water structures

– lighter than water,
– resistant to impact and punctures,
– resistant to temperature changes,
– resistant to corrosion,
– resistant to chemicals: acids, alkalis, salt and fuel,
– resistant to marine growth,
– resistant to UV,
– 100% recyclable.

Motor Boat Type SRB60

For inland and offshore water rescue operations

User reviews

“While manoeuvring the boat with the full rescue crew on board, the boat bravely and smoothly tilts to the inside of the turn. It is easy to manoeuvre it, and the turning radius is small.”

“The wide board in the stern section, which is where rescuers get people out of the water, is a big advantage.”

“I like the boat’s stability. No heel and low sides mean that no lifting up is necessary. Another advantage is the shape of the sides – no balloon shape! This allows you to lift people out of the water correctly, i.e. vertically.”

“The area of the board is large enough for first aid operations.”

“A great advantage of the boat is that it has a special reinforced handle for attaching a tow rope. This eliminates the risk of the tow rope being sucked in under the boat’s rotating propeller, while performing turns and reducing the inertia of the boat being towed.”

Łódź motorowa SRB60