SRB boats

Application of SRB boats​

– water rescue operations,
– uniformed services: firefighters, border protection guards, the police
– military operations,
– water patrol,
– offshore fish farms, offshore wind farms or offshore oil platforms,
– crew transportation,
– technical maintenance of offshore structures,
– harbor service, pilot boats,
– fishing,
– diving,
– tourism and recreation (water wakeboard, speedboat cruising).

What are the advantages of polyethylene (HDPE) boats?

– sturdy structure,
– unsinkable: the tubes are separated into the watertight compartments,
– safe to use: many anti-slip surfaces made of high quality material, plus handgrips,
– designed in compliance with Directive 2013/53/UE
– high mechanical resistance: the boat can moor on a rocky shore, operate in shallow waters or in flooded areas,
– durable,
– ready to be used in rough conditions,
– almost maintenance-free: no painting or hull cleaning required,
– flexible design: easily customisable to specific requirements by adding a hard-top, a wheelhouse, a cabin, extra benches or seats, lockers or other elements,
– the bow designed to make it easier to get on and off the boat while facing the quay,
– high stiffness of the tubes ensure the stability of the boat in water,
– seaworthy fast planing hull,
– shallow draught and high directional stability,
– easy and quick repairs (e.g. no drying time)
– environmentally-friendly (nearly all parts of the boat are recyclable, very low carbon footprint).

Additional benefits of HDPE when used in water structures

– lighter than water,
– resistant to impact and punctures,
– resistant to temperature changes,
– resistant to corrosion,
– resistant to chemicals: acids, alkalis, salt and fuel,
– resistant to marine growth,
– resistant to UV,
– 100% recyclable.

Motor Boat Type SRB60

For inland and offshore water rescue operations

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