How it all started

The beginning of the company’s activity dates back to 1992, when the “Szagru” Installation Company was established as a civil partnership. It was founded by two partners: Jan Szafron and Jerzy Gruszka.
The company focused primarily on introducing innovative products on the Polish market. In the initial period, it was mainly engaged in the construction of external installations: water, sewage and gas, based on purchased plastic components.
The next stage was to start our own production, it was the complementation of fittings for pressure pipelines, then the production was expanded to include wells, tanks, separators, and plastic plates.
Bearing in mind that one of the most important elements of ensuring good quality of manufactured products is a well-trained team, the company’s operations established a Vocational Training Center. The center conducted training in the field of welding and welding of materials, in which, in addition to our company’s employees, employees of external companies also participated.
Due to the further development of the company, Szagru sp. z o. o. was established in 2001, the change also concerned the address of the registered office, which from then on was located in Studzienice at ul. Jaskółek 16.
In 2010, after many years of experience, we patented the technology for producing SPS structural pipes (in 2011 we obtained a European patent).
After receiving support from the Innovative Economy Operational Program for 2007-2013 4.0 Priority axis: Investments in innovative projects, Measure 4.3: Technology loan, in 2014 a hall was built and a production machine was made. The machine’s production range covers diameters from DN600 to DN3500 mm.
In recent years, our company began expanding into foreign markets, which resulted in further changes.
One of them, even symbolic, was the change of name…
Since August 2018, the company has been called “S plastic”.

Despite the passage of time and the changes we have made over the years, we have always stood by our core values. These are:

– An experienced and well-trained team is the foundation of quality work,
– Nothing is impossible,
– If we stay where we are, will never make a step into the future,

The strength of our company lies in its people. Today, the company is led by the second generation of its owners. The production team is a two-generation group too.

Standing by our values, we understand that each project we accept is special to us. Our people allow us to accept even very challenging tasks and deliver them successfully by offering custom solutions to our customers.

Founders of Szagru / S plastic: Jerzy Gruszka and Jan Szafron – 27 years since the company was established