Connection systems

Connection systems

To meet the expectations of our customers, we have developed the SPS Structural Pipe connection system. They allow for the connection of pipes up to DN1500 without the need to send trained welders to the construction site. Using of connection system allows our customers to reduce the costs and time needed to connect pipes at the construction site.

1) Socket connection (diameter range from DN600 to DN1500) – in this type of system, the supplied pipes are equipped with a socket, which is slide onto the plain end of the next pipe section at the construction site.

Couplers are not sold separately.


2) Heat Shrink Sleeve (diameter range from DN600 to DN1000) – this system involves applying the band to the pipes and then heating the band with hot air until it is completely tightened at the ends of pipes.

Sleeves are sold separately.

3) ExtrusionWelding (diameter range from DN1500 to DN3500) – requires sending our qualified workers who weld the pipes together at the construction site.