Flap valves

Flap valves

are products intended for gravity (non-pressure) installations. Made of PEHD, they guarantee resistance to weather conditions and sewage. They are used to prevent water or sewage from flowing back into the installation.

The ability to adapt the dimensions and method of mounting to an existing outlet, well or abutment gives us a product with wide application flexibility.

Our offer includes the following types of flap valves:

  • KP – Flat wall installation,
  • KS/KSK – Angled with flange,
  • KNR – Installation onto pipe – muff connection,
  • KDR – Installation into pipe – press-fit connection,
  • Network flaps,
  • Collar flaps,
  • Flaps mounted to the low flow channels.

The S plastic company also offers other drainage devices, such as canal valves, monks, etc.