SPS pipes

SPS PEHD double-layer structural pipes

SPS pipes are produced in diameters ranging from 600 mm to 3500 mm in any length and in ring stiffness classes from SN2 to SN16. They are made in accordance with the PN EN 13476-2 type A standard using the winding method.
They are used in many areas where they are installed in various soil, water and load conditions.

They can be used for the construction of gravity water supply systems, culverts, construction of underground and above-ground tanks, separators, settling tanks, wells and pumping stations. Thanks to the structure made of polyethylene and modern production technologies, SPS structural pipes are durable and corrosion-resistant products, which is important when storing and transmitting various types of substances.

We can make pipes in any color, both internal and external. The stock standard is black-black and black-gray.

At the customer’s request, SPS pipes can be made of materials with a hygienic certificate allowing their use for drinking water. Thanks to the use of modern production systems, our pipes can be made of PE-RC, PE100 or other additives depending on the customer’s preferences (antistatic, antibacterial coating, etc.)