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What do we produce?

We specialise in the manufacture of plastic products. The products we make are used for applications in the construction, plumbing, brewery, farming, fruit processing, chemical and waste processing, recreation and many other sectors. Our free-standing tanks as well as underground or cuboidal ones are perfect solutions for wide range of industries, which require the highest efficiency and smooth operation at all times.

We highly recommend SPS structured pipes, retention tanks and motor boats SRB, available in many variations of size as well as many variations of technology or materials used. If you cannot find a particular product on the list below, please contact us. We will offer you a custom solution to meet your specific needs and in accordance with your industry requirements.


SPS structured pipes

We manufacture SPS structured pipes (DN600 – DN3500), with SN2 – SN8 stiffness grades. We always make sure our customers get products, which meet the needed specification, which is why stiffness grades and diameters not listed in our offer are available upon request.

SPS structured pipes with polyurethane

Thanks to the use of polyurethane these SPS structured pipes prevent heat loss, providing insulation of the highest efficiency. Foam keeps the energy inside, lowering the heating costs and maintaining the efficient operation of the whole installation.

Underground tanks, retention tanks, storage tanks

Used in piping systems storage, underground and retention tanks are available in various volume options, ranging from V = 5 to even V = 1500 m3. They are made according to industry regulations, which minimizes the possibility of a leakage or damage caused by fluid pressure.

Process tanks

Available in various dimensions upon request, process tanks are a perfect solution in food-related industries. Technology and materials used reduce the possibility of a leakage. Products remain resistant to any chemicals, which prolongs their durability to much more years.

Cuboidal tanks, free-standing tanks, storage tanks, hot-dip galvanisation baths

We prepared many efficient solutions for industrial uses, including hot-dip galvanisation baths, which enable to coat steel or iron with zinc. We also manufacture cuboidal, storage and free-standing tanks made precisely according to the requirements of our customers.

Oil/water separators

Thanks to their wide range of usage, oil/water separators are suitable in many different industries – including food and sewage ones. Their efficiency (Q) ranges from 1 to 750 l/s, so our customers can choose a solution perfect for their company and planned applications!

Drainage system fittings

Sewage industry requires installations, which meet very specific requirements. Our drainage system fittings, including flap valves (DN100 – DN2000) and gate valves, meet all requirements. Upon request, we make necessary adjustments, so our customer can receive a product, which can work in an existing system.

Fittings and other utility transmission items

S Plastic provides fittings and other utility transmission items, which work with various kinds of products. They are available in many dimensions, ranging from 90 to 1000 mm in diameter. Upon request, fittings can also be made with a special reinforcement.

Reinforced fittings

Reinforced fittings can be used in power plants, sanitary sewers, pumping stations and water transmission installations. Thanks to the dedicated technology they prevent potential leakage of any chosen product, while increasing the efficiency of the whole system.

Smooth thermoplastic boards

Smooth thermoplastic boards, with thicknesses ranging from 3 to 140 mm, are highly recommended for industries, which require the highest quality, easy usage as well as reasonable price. If you are interested in non-standard dimensions, please contact us beforehand.

Corrugated thermoplastic boards

Used in buildings, packaging as well as industrial installations, corrugated thermoplastic boards are available in our offer with thicknesses ranging from 10 to 140 mm. This highly widens their potential applications, but in all of them high efficiency is always retained.

Adaptors for joining pipes

Creating a custom installation means using a lot of adaptors for joining pipes of any type or diameter. We will gladly create any amount of these kinds of products for you, meeting all the requirements, including the material, reinforcements or dimensions.

PEHD and PP rods

These kind of solutions are used mostly for welding of plastic. To make sure our PEHD and PP rods meet all of customer’s requirements we offer them in various thickness ranges – from 3 to 5 mm. To acquire further details, please contact us via phone or e-mail.

Grease separators

Thanks to efficiency (Q) ranging from 0,5 l/s to even 25 l/s our grease separators are highly recommended for food-processing industries, including even the smallest restaurants. Products are responsible for stopping the grease from entering the wastewater.

Free-standing tanks, process tanks and storage tanks approved by the Polish Office of Technical Inspection (UDT)

Some industries require only solutions, which meet even the most demanding regulations. This is why we prepared free-standing tanks as well as process and storage tanks approved by the Polish Office of Technical Inspection (Urząd Dozoru Technicznego – UDT).

Cleaning hatches for industrial drainage systems

They reduce the risk of explosion and ensure smooth operation of the whole installation. Cleaning hatches for industrial drainage systems can be made according to the needs of any industry thanks to advanced equipment as well as qualifications of our specialists.

Tapping tees and collector sewers

Used in underground installations as well as pressure tanks for drinking water. Tapping tees are resistant to dynamic loads and stiffness as well as chemical substances. We also offer collector sewers responsible for conveying the wastewater to the interceptors.

Sleeves and reducers

Joining any kind of pipe work together can become a challenging task without sleeves. Equally important are reducers, which allow to create the best fit in custom installations. All items are available in dimensions ranging from 50 mm to 1000 mm.

Sewage chambers, (water) meter chambers, infiltrator chambers, metering chambers and pumping station tanks

We offer a wide range of solutions for waterwaste installations, including sewage chambers, (water) meter chambers, infiltrator and metering chambers as well as pumping station tanks. They are all made according to individual requirements of an industry.