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What we do?

Our range of services includes:

– installation of process systems (e.g. water supply and ventilation),
– installation of sewage removal and rainwater drainage systems,
– polyethylene and polypropylene welding,
– replacement of steel systems with plastic ones,
– installation of underfloor water drainage and other systems,
– installation of swimming pool systems (fresh water or seawater) and
– renovation and plastic lining of tanks.

Production and assembly of installations and strings technology

Repairing systems, tanks, wells
and other components on the customer’s premises

Lathe machining of thermoplastics
up 1000 mm in diameter

Welding of thermoplastics on the customer’s
premises or building sites

CNC machining
of thermoplastic

Selection and installation of industrial
(process), water, sewage, drainage,
ventilation and fire-safety systems

Butt-fusion, electrofusion and polyfusion welding
of pipelines with diameters ranging from DN20 – DN1200

Lining concrete chambers
with thermoplastic boards

Design of and technical advice
on thermoplastic structures